Sunday, 7 April 2013

Malaysia News:Anwar to defend Permatang Pauh

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim confirms he will defend his Permatang Pauh seat.

Despite rumours that Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will desert his Permatang Pauh seat in exchange for Tambun, Perak, the PKR leader addressed it by confirming his decision to defend the former. In a ceramah attended by hundreds of crowds in Taman Pauh, Anwar confirmed his decision which received thunderous applause from the crowd.
He had also revealed earlier on that since he wouldn't be contesting in Tambun, Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail, who is PKR's wanita youth chief will be doing so.
Anwar was Permatang Pauh's MP from 1982 onwards when he joined UMNO. When he was imprisoned for sodomy charges, his wife, Dr. Wan Azizah covered his seat in the 1999 General Election. Wan Azizah will not be contesting in the 2013 General Election.

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