Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Woman stabbed by robbers dies shortly

Woman stabbed by robbers dies shortly after

A woman died after being stabbed by robbers on Saturday evening while she was on her way with her family to a charity run at Gasing Hills, Petaling Jaya.  Madam Irene Ong was walking with her daughter when two men on a motorcycle came from behind. Ong knew something wasn’t right and pushed her daughter away. She was stabbed four times by the pillion rider.
The robbers then tried to snatch her pouch while her daughter was running to look for help. By the time her husband ran to her aid, she had passed away due to the loss of blood. According to sources, the deceased’s last words to her daughter were “I love you.”
In light of the tragic incident of Madam Ong and the rampant snatch thefts that have been occurring lately, what can we as citizens and as a community do to protect ourselves and deter such crimes from happening? Request for more police patrols around Bukit Gasing or the community coming together to organise a crime watch around the area?

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